Finished Belt!

It’s done! And looks adorable and I love it with the outfit I made it for!


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It’s finished!!

Horrible, horrible picture, but it finished my belt today!! Minus the buttons I will make tomorrow. :)


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Some days are just really quiet and boring to write about. I feel like today is one of those. I did get an order shipped off and got some new earrings posted into my shop.

Played a little bit of WoW…

Made supper…

And now I’m curling up on the couch and think I’ll attempt some knitting in a bit. :)

Quiet days are nice.

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Oops (Lots of pictures…)

I missed a second day, but still doing pretty well with BEDA I think. :) Better than I originally thought I would do in all honesty. 

I have a lot of pictures to post today though! I have been busy with clay, and even sold a pair of earrings within a few hours of making it! Not bad for a spur of the moment idea I had sketched out a few days ago. :)

Anyway; flowers, bees, galaxies and some forth of july inspired stuff. :) OH AND EARTH DAY! Because, that’s totally next week. :) (I will be spending Earth Day seeing dinos, playing with legos, hanging out with awesome friends… and thinking about maybe seeing if we can catch a show at the planetarium. I will have to ask. haha)

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. :)

Image Image Image


Image Image







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Lots of makings today…

I finished my dinosaur picture! It looks cute! I am thinking a shadow box and some fern type fake plants in the very front of it just to add a bit more to it to make it absolutely awesome. :D



I also made some more earrings today! Yay claytime. :)




And these are painted, and for sure need glazed, but making sure they’re nice and dry. :)


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Today I worked on a picture to hang in the bathroom to go with our awesome new shower curtain! I think I need to get a thing shadow box for it eventually, but I think it will turn out cute when completely finished. (I still need to attach leaves to it) but yeah… The dinos are drawn and colored with sharpies and the tree is made out of clay. I used pastel chalks to add some color to the canvas before hand. :)


And the shower curtain that was inspiration. :)


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Ideas and presents

Today consisted of mainly cleaning. However I did get a gift made that I’d been procrastinating on. I also have an idea that I’m going to attempt tomorrow. We will see how it goes, but they could possibly make some really cute things! No pictures though… Yet at least. :)

I think I’m going to curl up on the couch and knit tonight though. Maybe I can get my belt finished this weekend. :)

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