Just an update…

Firstly, craft stuff… Shop up and running. Haven’t got an order actually through it yet, but have a couple orders because of it. :)

First a dear friend send me a note asking if I could do a custom piece for her. She wanted a pendent with morse code of a song that means a lot to her. Really simple project, though it was a learning curve in a couple of areas. I hadn’t used acrylic paint yet, even though I know it’s safe to use for polymer clay, and then glazing over acrylic paint. It was fun though, and I sent her pictures all through the project and she says she loves it! It hit the mail this morning. So hopefully she’ll get it by the middle of next week.

I also have an order for a couple earrings from my grandma. One custom kind of, and one set of pacman earrings I need to do. :) I had to figure out how to make worms to add to my apple earrings I’ve made. She wanted studs instead of hooks, easy fix. :)

I also re-did my paint palette earrings. I like the new ones so much better then the original set. :)


Now for non-crafty news (you can ignore this if you don’t care past the crafts… Just no where else to write right now) …. The next couple of days I should hear back if I have a second interview or not for the job I interviewed for Monday. I am really hoping for positive news on it. I think the interview went well. I think I’d love the job, and it’s just business casual clothes (reason to buy cute clothes!) and I can even have purple in my hair again. I could not hide who I am to fit in, and that makes me incredibly happy and excited.

It will help with money being so tight as well. And help relieve a bit of stress surrounding that. And maybe I won’t make myself sick and give myself a massive headache for feeling like I’m not good enough. Grrrr head. But eh, it’ll be okay. :)

And with that… Off to add earrings to the shop and work on apple earrings I think. :)

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About me's stink, but I'm 27, mum to a 9 yeah old rat terrier named Sirius and a year old rabbit named Mustache. Recently moved to Michigan from Missouri and have a wonderful, nerdy guy in my life. I love photography, crafts (knitting, polymer clay, some sewing), painting, drawing, reading, gaming, tv and the internet.
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