Steph and Brian

More photos from the outing adventure!

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Steph and Miriah

Part of just a fun outing I had with a couple of my cousins the other day, just showing some sisterly love!

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Model Pets

When playing with a new camera, who ends up being the first subjects? The pets of course! (And sometimes the parents’ pets as well!)

My mum’s dog, Gunner.

My dog, Sirius.

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New Camera, New Adventure

I finally got a new camera! A camera that was an upgrade to my Canon S3 IS that I had had, that had met it’s end a few years back. Regular point and shoots just aren’t the same after that camera, and I wanted to step up to something more.

I’d been wanting a dSLR for a long time. It was a dream for me to own my own. And, that dream came true in February. I didn’t have the money to get a high end dSLR, but I could get an entry level one.

Which one did I get? A beautiful red Nikon D3200. It’s a few years old, as far as the model goes, but I was able to snag it and two entry level lenses and a bag to keep it all in for my price range! So, that’s what happened. (We will ignore the fact that I picked my camera over ordering my engagement ring too. I really want my ring, I do, but the fiancee totally understands! :D)

Gorgeous, right?

I started playing with it right away, and this blog will walk through me learning and hopefully improving my photography skills!

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